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Gama System eDocs enterprise content management system's mindset is digital-first.

It supports all document formats and any documentation type. With process designer built-in, we can support any document management supported business process, arbitrary document distribution rules and user collaboration scenarios.
Made in European Union

What's Different

1. Be Adaptable

Define your own document types and document paths. Support any content, any digital file format.

Define your own storage silos and structure.

2. Be Efficient

Enable unified user collaboration, support built-in, native document versioning.

Enable simple, fast, adaptable, full-content searches.

3. Be Resilient

Redraw processes, suited to your current use-cases. Allow process owners to influence process design.

Integrate with secure, web-standards-based APIs.

Features at a Glance

Visual Process Designer

Business processes designer enables
graphical process design for any process owner.

More on this below

Document Distribution

Hassle-free document distribution according to defined rules. Automatic distribution to all designated recipients.


Context Preservation

Built in collaboration features allow all
users to work together using simple and intuitive conversations.

Document Management

Gama System eDocs is a modern, advanced
and user friendly document management system with support for complete management of document creation, updating and distribution processes.

Highly Connected

Always-on, works from anywhere, web access, with API and service interfaces.

Classification Subystem

Classification subsystem classifies documents into the classification node and assigns unique document codes according to configured rules.

Document Generators

The system includes native document generators allowing automatic creation and management of any type of electronic document.


Cloud Enabled

Whether on-premise or cloud,
Gama System eDocs can be installed anywhere.

Core Technology

Modern solution based on Microsoft desktop and server platform.

Multiple Search Options

Keyword, simple and advanced search options. Define your personal search template or design complex search criteria.

Desktop & Web Clients

Use a native Windows desktop client
or browse through the system using a HTML5 compliant browser application.

Archiving of Deleted Items

Preserves copies of deleted items in the
system. Never lose your document content and avoid user-error.

Email Notifications & Alerts

Get notified by internal alerting mechanism
or opt-in to receive emails.


Millions of Documents

Gama System eDocs has been tested with large document sets and multiple concurrent users.

System scaling is possible on every system tier. We run from 5 to thousands of users, easialy.

Intelligent and Bulk Scanning

Fully featured document separation, automatic document type detection, automated zone-based OCR metadata extraction.

Support for bulk document scanning with metadata value limitations and ODBC source lookup support.

More on this below

Business Benetifs

Easier and Better Collaboration Within Workgroups / Companies.

High Level of Security and Resiliency, Certified Solution.

Easy Process Automation, Pre-defined and Ad-hoc Workflows.

User Friendly

Gama System eDocs is a user friendly document management system.

With configurable rules, users can be led into creating business documentation without knowing the process details.

Security and legal validity are automatically applied to all processes for creating and managing documents.

Native 64-bit Support

Installation package includes both 32- and
64-bit versions of the system, selecting an
appropriate one to install automatically.

Minimal Dependencies

The system works with standard Windows APIs and has no legacy dependencies or system services.

Everything is stored server-side.

Yes, even the documents themselves are a part of a SQL Server database.

Automatic Updates

In addition to being able to check for updates automatically, eDocs automatically updates itself.

As well as...

  • Process Encapsulation
  • Process Parallelism
  • Distribution Lists
  • Document Versioning
  • Digital Signatures using PKI
  • Scanning of Paper Documents
  • Document Templating
  • Alternative Document Formats
  • Meeting Organization and Tracking
  • Programmatic, Standardized APIs
  • Full Drag and Drop Support
  • Automatic Check-Out, Check-In
  • Complex Document Classification System

User Interface

Main window


Main categories
allow basic navigation


Design your own or
use system-wide tags

Command Bar

Navigate, search,
switch, start processes
or interact with your account.

Tasking Subsystem

See personal tasks

Or assigned tasks

Number of tasks

Completion percentage

Conversation Support

Unread messages

Message archive

Sent messages

People in conversation

Attached documents

System Config
Summary View
Document Settings
Code System Design
Code System Design

Node selection

Fast and intuitive

Code delimiters

Leading characters

Leading places

Document Types

Intelligent and Bulk Scanning

The system supports arbitrary document type, separation type and multiple scanning folder configuration which enables you to setup multiple (autonomous) scanning stations.

Intelligent Scanning

Gama System eDocs supports automatic document separation making scanning of paper documents easy and efficient.

After separation, the system automatically detects appropriate document types. Since different document types include different metadata definitions, the system performs automated zone-based OCR metadata value extraction without requiring any user intervention.

Document reformatting allows the system to change the scanned document's DPI on the fly, while minimizing the document size and maintaining high OCR reliability.

Bulk Scanning

Bulk scanning support allows efficient metadata tagging of scanned pages and performs automatic page grouping.

  • Multiple document type definitions
  • Efficient, keyboard-only manual data entry support
  • Direct image/page modifications (rotate, skip, insert)

  • Multi-method automated document separation
  • Speed optimized full-text searchable PDF/A generation
  • External document viewer

Thousands of pages can be scanned and annotated quickly with a possibility of metadata export (CSV). Off-line, HTML5 compliant document viewer is included, compatibile with all modern web browsers.

Visual Process Designer

A couple of words on a feature that is as simple in idea as it is huge in impact. Process management and enterprise content management make a great couple.

Gama System eDocs includes a fully featured process designer.
There are no limitations on the number of processes. Each process can be executed automatically, when a new document is inserted into a specific document management system (DMS) node. It can also be executed manually by predefined users.

Process designer allows power users to be efficient in process design supporting multiple edits to already running processes, while maintaining intuitive interface for their design experience.
With its multiple options, the process designer allows arbitrary processes to be drawn up and used immediately.

Gama System eDocs implementation comes with administrative training. Once it's complete, a user manual is supplied with each Gama System eDocs installation. In general, Gama System eDocs process designer is a WYSIWYG tool for complex processes which includes options for additional limitations to be set on activities and links between them.
Activity settings, system actions, statuses and other limitations

Process designer allows you to define responsible persons for task execution, as well as other task properties like process status updates and system actions.

Complex user allocation techniques can be set directly within the designer. Multi-assignment, requested confirmation and user group allocation can all be used by the end user.
Processes can be run in parallel and include full process encapsulation capabilities. This allows the definition of sub-processes which can be run alone or be included in a larger, more complex master process.

Visual process designer supports definition of ordinary process activities or referencing activities, which are able to run sub processes in sequence or in parallel. When using Gama System eDocs, users get visualized processes handed to them.
Any document, folder, process, meeting or other native eDocs sharable concept involves user collaboration and execution context. Gama System eDocs makes sure this context is not lost once the document is in its final form or process is complete.

On Stability and Robustness

Needless to say that the reliability of software that is looking after your content is of an utmost importance.

Rigorously Engineered

Gama System eDocs is written in a way and to the standards typically employed in development of system software.

It puts strong emphasis on using simple clean code, keeping resource usage in check and enables users to be productive.

Compared to conventional desktop software development, this is a substantially more involved approach, but it only makes sense for an essential company wide system.

Production Ready

Prior to its first production release, eDocs went through a multi-year of field testing, covering wide range of process implementations and storage configurations.

This ECM system has been in routine production use with of our clients from multiple countries all around the world, handling everything from small jobs to massive document systems with terabytes of data. It is stable, robust and dependable.

What People Say

I've seen a lot of demos on document management and archiving systems. Your presentation my previous ideas of document management systems fell apart. All DMSes I've seen so far are about invoices, delivery notes, contracts, while Gama System eDocs puts the jist of the DMS forward - to the user. Silvo KraĊĦevec, Xenon forte
I am fascinated by a fluent user interface, simplicity of use and functionalities which the new solution brings. As a partner, who will sell and implement Gama System eDocs on the Indian market, I was especially impressed that I could use the solution on my own after a few hours of training. Fantastic! Samir Dhingra, Netspider Infotech
Download Brochure October 24th, 2018, 2.07 MB
Read up on basic features
Request Whitepaper October 24th, 2018, 14.26 MB
Review full features

New Versions and Updates

Every few weeks we are building a new version for you. Development updates come free to any interested company.

We might also ask you for your feedback on our planned features and our other random crazy ideas.

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